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Розумова А.Д. 1
1 МБОУ Наро-Фоминская СОШ №6
Розумова Ю.С. (Нарофоминск, МБОУ Наро-Фоминская СОШ №6)
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Exotic, intrigues, sorcery, destinies of uncommon persons – here those keywords that most fully would characterize adventures of spices during different eras. At all times spices were appreciated on an equal basis with gold, furs, silks. And how many people died, having carried away with itself in another world of a mystery of spices. Pirates, were attacking the ships bringing spices, without looking even that they were protected by fighting squadrons. And they were not taking away gold, but spices which had more value in due time.

My father likes to cook very much. He specializes from soups, garnishes and various meat dishes to pastries and compotes. I noticed that any creation wasn’t done without addition of various spices and seasonings. But the most favourite seasoning of my father is the curry.

Once upon a time I was helping him to cook. He asked me to add the curry in rice. I unintentionally spilled out the seasoning on a hand and noticed that the hand became yellow. What dye is it? Perhaps it is harmful! On my question why my father adds this seasoning, he answered me: “First, to protect an organism from diseases and infections, because spices and seasonings have medicinal properties; and secondly, they attach to food a special aroma, relish and even color.” Really, the dishes with spices are tasty, fragrant and beautiful. But I suddenly doubted that spices and seasoning s can have medicinal properties, and decided to conduct the research. And as there is a cult of the Curry spice in our family, of course, this seasoning became a subject of my research.



The purpose of the research: to find out what impact on a human body is exerted by the Curry seasoning.

The research tasks:

1. Learning of history of emergence of the Curry seasoning.

2. Learning of composition of this seasoning.

3. Analysing data of researches of influence of the spices which are a part of the “Curry” on a human body.

4. Questionnairing among adults and children about application in food of the Curry seasoning.

5. Publishing the data obtained during research work, at the facultative lesson at school.

6. Creating the booklet “the Wonderful mix «Curry”.

Research object: children of middle school, their parents and teachers.

The subject of research: the Curry spice.

The research methods:

• The analysis of information which is contained in various sources (reference books, the Internet, materials of telecasts)

• Poll of pupils 7 “D” class of my school.

• Questioning of parents.

• Questioning of teachers.

• Comparison of the received results.

Hypothesis: it is possible to assume that the Curry seasoning not only adds to dishes a fragrant smell and unforgettable taste, but also has medicinal properties.

Relevance of the research. 1) On researches of scientists the gastrointestinal disease are on the second place in the rating of the most widespread diseases. Therefore the knowledge of influence of products on a human body is necessary for keeping health. 2) In our days spices aren’t considered as a wonder and thanks to east kitchen they found new life, new combinations and the increasing popularity around the world. We eat them and we need to know all about them. My research will help to understand, why the Curry spice is useful and how to use it for preparation of dishes. 3) So as I have been studying English language, I decided to know, if emergence of the curry is connected with England.

I. Scientific part.

1.1. History of emergence of the Curry spice.

The mix “Curry” is from India, it received the name from the bush with the same name. Its leaves are dried and used as seasoning. However, powder of leaves of a curry very quickly evaporates essential oils therefore it is necessary to use it very quickly. So the real herb of a curry can be bought only in India. However, other ingredients remained in the “modernized” recipe. So it is possible to use safely a packet curry which is imported to the Russian market.


The Tamil word «kari» which took the name of the well-known spicy mix means “soup, sauce”.

The history of an origin of a curry originates deeply in antiquity. At the moment there is evidence that this seasoning was used in 1700 B.C. near Mesopotamia. And in spite of the fact that the curry arose in India, this spice was used in 1300 in England. The mention in the English cookbook written at the time of Richard II (at the end of the 1300th years) testifies about it. On a legend, the English colonialists became the inventors of the curry. Wishing to bring home aromas of local cuisine, British people mixed different lovely Indian seasonings in one sack, created mix of spices, complex and fancy on structure. So, England also has played a role in the emergence of the curry spices in our kitchen.

But modern researches allow assuming that the curry was used in India by even more than 4 000 years B.C. It had three key ingredients: ginger, garlic and turmeric. Perhaps, there are no written mentions which reached us and can prove this theory, but the modern science by means of difficult researches can find the remains of food on dishware or even on bones, learning about what people were eating and cooking in the ancient time. Exactly it helped scientists to establish antiquity of an origin of many products and plants, in particular and the curry. In spite of the fact that the Indian civilization began to prosper approximately at the same time as ancient Egyptian, the strange ancient Indian inscriptions still were not given interpretation, but proofs of the theories put forward by scientists may be exactly in them.

Further the seasoning gained popularity in the Arab cookeries, and later in Europe. Today it is one of the most popular spicy mixes which are used in the majority of world cookeries. Some dishes with this mix of spices have the eponymous names.

Today the curry is the most mass mix of spices; it is widespread in Asia, Europe and the countries of the East.

There is great variety of kinds of mix of a curry. Its structure can differ depending on the country of origin and the region. In the European countries fragrant mixes with a traditional not spicy set of spices are used. In east countries and Asia the curry can contain from 20 to 24 ingredients.

1.2. Composition of the Curry seasoning

The curry gets the yellowy-brown shade at the expense of turmeric which is known still as the Indian saffron. Powder from a root of this plant is the main ingredient of the seasoning and makes about 30% of any mix of the curry. The turmeric differs in excellent aroma, but at the same time has inexpressive and even a little unpleasant smack therefore it is “corrected” by other components.

Besides indispensable turmeric the coriander is a part of the curry– from 20 to 50%, depending on a compounding. Also there is fenugreek which replaces leaves curry bush – to 10%. Red Cayenne pepper is also an indispensable component – to 6%. These four spices make a basis of structure of the curry. Other components can occupy from 4 to 50% of volume of seasoning and can give it the most different shades.

For standard industrial production, except four components, caraway seeds for Europeans is included in a basis of the curry and azhgon for the Asian countries is included in a basis of the curry as it is more spicy.

Ginger, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, garlic, basil, mint, fennel, different pepper, nutmeg and others can be included in a curry as supplementing. The structure of a curry directly depends on the one who makes it and where it is made. To choose suitable seasoning it is necessary attentively to read packing.

1.3. Influence of mix of the Curry spices on the health of the person

One of the most popular methods of making of the Indian curry is mixture of a coriander, the Cayenne pepper, caraway seeds, salt, rice flour, cinnamon, clove, a tamarind and turmeric which gives yellow coloring of the curry familiar to us (now I understand why my hands became yellow).

Each of components of the curry helps an organism differently.


Active connection of roots of turmeric which is a part of the curry prolongs service life of cells of a brain for 75%, generally due to its beneficial influence on a brain. In it there are a lot of essential oils. The turmeric has pronounced antibacterial action. It is known that turmeric has ability to purify the blood. The turmeric is present at the antibacterial and peeling masks, it is used at treatment of diseases of digestive tract. But its main property is strengthening of immunity and fight against free radicals.

The researches which took place in universities of Ireland and Poland proved that curcumin kills cancer cells in a gullet and a stomach.


It is rich with vitamin C. It brings benefit at diarrhea, treatment of hypostases and tumors; it cures sores in a mouth. The coriander helps at anemia and conjunctivitis, regulates sugar level in blood. It is used also for improvement a digestion.

The Cayenne pepper helps intelligence and stimulates blood circulation.

Caraway seeds

It has strong anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antibacterial, carminative, antiseptic properties.


It is a natural stimulator of immunity, prophylactic against viral infections. There is an expressed expectorant action at this spice. The essential oil of cinnamon is used as natural tonic. That who regularly adds cinnamon to the nutrition improves the memory, helps work of a brain, enlarges working capacity.


This spice possesses the expressed antiseptic action, resists to infections.


In it there is a lot of Thiaminum necessary for transfer by a brain of nervous impulses, normal work of the alimentary system and musculoskeletal system. The potassium which is contained in that spice is necessary for work of heart. The tamarind contains a lot of iron which delivers oxygen in cells of the body.

II. Practical part.

Having analysed all information on a subject of my research, I wanted to learn whether anyone in my environment knows about advantage of the Curry seasoning and whether uses it. I conducted survey where my schoolmates (24 persons), their parents (18 people) and teachers of our school (12 people) took part.

The questionnaire to schoolmates

1. Do you help to cook for your parents?

2. Whether you know what is the spices and for what they are necessary?

3. What do you know about seasonings?

4. Do your parents use seasonings when cooking?

5. Whether you know the curry seasoning. In which dishes is it added?

The questionnaire for parents and teachers.

1. Whether you like to cook?

2. Do you use seasonings at preparation of dishes?

3. For what purpose do you use seasonings?

4. What are your favourite seasonings?

5. What do you know about the Curry seasoning?





So, poll showed that 18 schoolmates from 24 like to cook together with parents and they know what kinds of seasonings are used in their family. Almost all children named 1 – 3 seasonings known to them. And 7 of my schoolmates are familiar with the Curry seasoning. The data showed that 15 parents like to cook and use spice in preparation of dishes, but only 6 of them know about its properties, the others use its only to “improve” color, smell and tastes. Almost all know about existence of the Curry seasoning, but none of its admirers could note miraculousness of the Indian mix of spices. Our teachers find time to cook, especially love pastries and meat dishes, but only 7 of 11 the curry.

As we see, both adults, and children like to cook. All use seasonings. The curry is the quite famous seasoning. But not all know about its wonderful properties. I would like that all my acquaintances who fans to cook, would know better and would remember curative properties of the Indian Curry seasoning. For this purpose I created memorable booklets for them.


During my research work I got acquainted with the interesting and important facts from the history of emergence of mix of Curry spices and its advantage for the person. I found in historical reports that English colonialists played an important role in the appearance of the curry in our kitchen.



I learned that a man began to use this mix still in the ancient time: as seasonings to dishes, as aromatic means, fought with its help against causative agents of infectious diseases.

Using scientific literature and the Internet, I found out how the influence of the curry is useful for the health of the person. But I want to add several words about contraindications of consumption of the studied seasoning. As we know: everything is good moderately. And also pregnant women need to wait a little with the use of the curry. Other bans when using this seasoning in cookery aren’t revealed.

Analyzing opinions of experts, I came to a conclusion that seasonings and spices really have curative properties and influence a human body well. Besides, ready food with spices positively influences all our feelings: we breathe in aroma, we admire of an attractive view of dishes, we enjoy of their taste and we receive a charge of good mood.

On the basis of the conclusions drawn as a result of poll of schoolmates, their parents and teachers I prepared a gift for them. It is an instruction about the wonderful mix “Curry”, that during them cooking, they knew for what this seasoning is necessary.

I hope that applying this information my schoolmates, their parents and teachers will be able to care for the health and will begin to be ill less!

So, my hypothesis that Curry seasoning not only impacts to dishes a fragrant smell and unforgettable relish, but also has medicinal properties, was confirmed.

The purpose of my work is reached.

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Розумова А.Д. ИЗУЧЕНИЕ ВЛИЯНИЯ ПРИПРАВЫ КАРРИ НА ОРГАНИЗМ ЧЕЛОВЕКА // Старт в науке. – 2018. – № 5-2. ;
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